Thursday, 22 May 2014

Forgetfulness and rain.... a bad combination!

Three times in 3 days I have been caught out by the rain!

On Sunday I went to an early morning fitness boot camp and the grass was wet so I left my trainers in the sun all day when I got home and totally forgot about them. I remembered them Monday morning but they were damp with dew so left them out in the sun again as it looked like a beautiful day.
Later in the day, it absolutely heaved it down so I had to text mother from work and ask her to get them in and put them next to the Aga to dry. What a kerfuffle!

The same day, I'd left the windows open on my car whilst at work because it was hot and only remembered/discovered that I'd left them open when I went to get in it at lunchtime..... very soggy seat!! Thank goodness for keeping lots of dog towels in the car so I didn't get a soggy bum as well!

On Wednesday, I quickly shoved my dirty horsey trainers on to go and sort the horses in the morning before work. They weren't being very co-operative so I had to trek across the field through long wet, dewy grass to get to them.

Needless to say my feet got wet so my trainers were left in the sunshine all day Wednesday to dry them in the sun.

I found them this morning after an awful lot of rain last night......

They were sodden and even had water pooled in the bottom of them!

I darined them out but they are too soggy to put in front of the Aga at the moment so they are currently in the sink in an attempt to drain a bit of water off them before they spend several days in front of the Aga!

It is so frustrating when the weather catches you out but even more frustrating when you forget to bring your things in from outside!! 


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