Friday, 2 May 2014

In the Dog House!

I am writing this post surrounded by dogs!

We have 2 dogs of our own who I will do a post on in the near future to introduce them properly.
Dixie is a Parsons Jack Russell and Monty is a Cairn Terrier.

The reason I am currently surrounded by dogs is because one of my best friends is getting married tomorrow and they are going on honeymoon afterwards and we offered to dog sit. She has 3 dogs so our house is overrun with dogs!

I have got Rupert the DaxiJack asleep on my right arm and Rufus the Jack Russell asleep on my left arm. Luna is unknown breeding and she's gone to bed in the kitchen.

My friend dropped the dogs off earlier and within 10 minutes of her being here, Luna had been for a swim in the pond and Rupert had rolled in fox poo and had to get hosed off..... 
Just after she left, we took them in the field for a game and Rufus rolled in fox and then sheep poo so also ended up having a cold bath.

Only 10 days to go......

Monty, Rupert, Luna and Rufus. Dixie was busy...

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