Thursday, 29 May 2014

Local Lingo

Cornwall and Devon Flags

We all like to learn a bit of local language if we're going on holiday somewhere to help endear ourselves to the locals.
Most people will know the odd French phrase or perhaps Spanish or Italian.

I thought it might be fun to dig out my West Country phrasebook and teach you all some local lingo!

When we first moved to Devon and met out neighbour, we really struggled to understand what she was saying because she was speaking broad Devon and her kids used to translate for us. We bought a phrasebook as a bit of a giggle to bust out at dinner parties to try and impress them!

The pronunciation of the words is much softer than the Bristolian accent. It is still "farmer" sounding of course, but it is lovely to listen to.

A few things my friends and I use regularly are things like:

Maid - female, young woman, daughter.
"The maid is out milkin' " / "pass me that book maid"

Bey (no idea of correct spelling but it sounds like "bay") - Boy, male, young male, son.
"The bey is out with his friends" 

'ere - hello/alright - greeting
" 'ere Soph!" 

Now this is merely a taster for what is to come. I have seen words such as: "orted", "muxy" and "yark" in my phrasebook that I'm sure I will cover at some point! 
I can tell I am also going to learn a lot from this series!


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