Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Meet the ponies....

The other animals in my life are my horses. They are like my children!
I have got 2 horses and they are the reason I am permanently poor but I wouldn't be without them.
They have both had less than brilliant lives before they came to me. I'm convinced I attract special needs animals!
My babies

Meet Brown Horse:

This is Brown Horse ('Apache' for posh) - AKA: BH, Brown, [censored]!!
He's 11 years old and around 15hh. He's unknown breeding but probably Connemara X Clydesdale - he definitely wasn't bred on purpose that's for sure!!
I've had him for nearly 6 years and we have been through an awful lot. He has cost me a fortune in vet bills, his behaviour has been very erm... challenging... but he is my baby boy. He's such a mumma's boy. Loves being the centre of attention and hasn't got a bad bone in his body.He is like a naughty child who has had far too many sweets. He is high on life all. the. time.
His favourite things are causing mayhem and injuring himself as well as cuddles and bottom scratches.
He has a huge fan club. Everyone that meets him loves him.
I could write so much about him but I'll save it for another post!
The boy wonder behaving himself (for once!)
Who wouldn't love that face?!

Meet Fern:

This is Fern - AKA Moo Bear, Princess, and other things!
She is 11 years old and around 15.1hh. She is from Romania and was destined for a lasagne. Her passport is signed off for human consumption!

She is a very sweet little horse who rarely shows emotion and I assume this is because of her past. She rarely wants fuss and she can be quite opinionated especially when it comes to going in the trailer! She hates drain lids and road markings. She is even sometimes terrified of her own shadow if she sees it following her along the hedge!

She loves going for a gallop and it's so lovely to see her enjoying herself.
She is steady, comfy, sensible - the polar opposite of BH!
Her favourite things are treats and neck scratches (when she's in the mood).
I love this horse dearly and she's a little diamond.
Princess Fern


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