Thursday, 15 May 2014

Meet the puppies...

I think it is high time I introduced my doggies as they will feature quite regularly on my blog.
Most of the photos I take of the beautiful countryside are when I'm out walking the dogs so invariably there will be a dog or two (and usually a rear view) in the pictures!

Meet Dixie:
Dixie is a 1 year old Parsons Jack Russell. She's a rubbish example of a JRT as she is the biggest wimp out. She rarely play with toys and hates ball games. She stands between my legs and hides while I chuck the ball for Monty.
If she gets upset or scared then she clambers at me until she gets picked up. 
Her favourite things are cuddles and running really really fast.
She loves to get other dogs to chase her but she will only pick dogs that can keep up but she can still beat. She doesn't like losing at all!
Dixie on the beach - her favourite place! 

Meet Monty:
Monty is a 1 year old Cairn Terrier. He is 6 weeks younger than Dixie.
He is the sweetest little dog in the world and he loves to play ball and is low maintenance, puts up with Princess Dixie and is just the nicest, most laid back character.
Monty's favourite thing in the world are belly rubs. He flops down, rolls over and just stares at you until he gets what he wants! 
He also loves to play ball but he's not very good at giving it back!
Monty on the beach
We hadn't had a dog in 8 years and then suddenly we got 2 tiny puppies within 6 weeks! It was a tad chaotic to say the least!
They are great buddies now and even greater partners in crime!!

Best friends


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