Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Mundane Midweek

Nothing overly exciting going on at the moment - back to work after the Bank Holiday is always depressing - loads of emails to reply to and the bosses like to leave loads of bits of paper on my desk to deal with...

I went to a fitness bootcamp last night and can barely move today so it must have been good for me (I'll keep telling myself that anyway!)

I'm having a half day tomorrow so I've been putting in a few extra hours this week to make up for it. I'm looking after the 5 dogs in the afternoon so will try and take them for a lovely long walk to wear them all out!!

In other news - I went to see my friend's new foal today. She was born on Saturday so was only 4 days old. I could have brought her home with me! So cute and cheeky!
Made me think I should start looking for a husband for my horse so she can have a super cute fluffy baby as well!
[Reality check - it's not gonna happen right now - I can't afford the cost of keeping a foal and all associated vets bills - maybe in a few years time when i marry a rich man!]


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