Monday, 5 May 2014

Rosettes and Superheroes!

For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a good idea to take all 5 dogs to a local dog show for a day out yesterday......
yeah.... not such a good idea!!

5 unruly and overexcited doggies on leads is messy. We got in a right pickle and it was like maypole dancing - me being the maypole!!

I entered them all in a class each and then a couple of other fun ones. I resorted to leaving them in the car and taking one at a time for the sake of my sanity and that of the poor unsuspecting members of the public!

Rupert the Daxijack was up first and only went and won the Best Puppy class! I sent a quick whatsapp to his Mum who was so proud!

First place!!

It didn't go quite so well from then on... 

My dog Dixie was being a brat and Monty always turns into a ragdoll whenever you need him to look normal... he flops around just wanting his belly rubbed. The judge loved him and he got a "special" (in every sense!) rosette!
Luna wasn't placed and Rufus just didn't have a waggy enough tail.

The last class was the fancy dress and I dug out the superhero costumes ours had when they were little and jammed Dixie into her Batman outfit and Rupert into Monty's old superman outfit.
The judge laughed his head off (in a good way) and they got joint 3rd so we didn't do too badly.

We came home and the doggies enjoyed a race round the field and I really enjoyed an ice cold cider!!
Superman Rupert
I can't find a picture of Dixie in her batman outfit so grabbed this one of Monty and Dixie when they were puppies wearing their superhero outfits!
Monty was so darned cute when he was a baba!
Superhero puppies!

Monday was spent riding my ponies and trying to work out how to use my new GoPro camera; Walking the dogs and laughing a lot at the dogs racing around and leaping about playing games and then swimming in the river, rolling in fox poo and then dunking them all back in the river to wash off said fox poo!!

What did you get up to over the Bank Holiday weekend?

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