Friday, 23 May 2014

Sulking puppies

The poor dogs have had a bit of a boring week and are making me feel very guilty today!

Mother had to go up to London on Tuesday to visit family so the dogs have had to stay at home all day while I'm at work. 
I go home at lunchtime and let them out and play with them and then we go for a walk after work but they are a bit cheesed off.
Normally they get 2 walks a day but the weather has been a bit hit and miss this week so it's been pretty darn boring!

On Tuesday evening, I went to a friend's house and saw her super cute 2 week old Labrador puppies. I tried to smuggle one out but failed!
2 week old puppy and mummy
I came home and went for a very late walk round the village recreation ground with my friend. The dogs had a great time thundering about as fast as their legs could carry them, digging a hole in the kids sandpit which we had to fill in, paddling in the ford and chasing each other and another dog they met.

Pups on the playing field

On Wednesday, the dogs spent the afternoon at work with me chewing pens they found under the desks, emptying paper out of the bins, chewing it up and generally being quite irritating. After work, we went to a local Woodland Trust wood which they love. I attempted to take some photos and tinker with settings on my DSLR....

On Thursday, we went to the village again and did a different route, they played with sticks, chased each other and did lots of sniffing.

Monty dog

I had to go and pick mother up from the train station just before midnight so I took the pups for a ride in the car with me. Dixie had her pyjamas on as it was a bit chilly and she's such a jessie if she's cold. 
We went onto the platform and waited for the train and they were so excited to see mother when she arrived. Mother was really surprised to see them there as well. I wish I'd got a picture of them on the platform waiting for the train. It was so cute!

This morning we've all gone off to work again and Monty was curled up in front of the Aga sulking and Dixie was....

Dixie tucked up in bed
Yes, she was in between the folds of her duvet sulking.
She then moved to a different duvet and got inside that one as well. Hopeless!

At least it's a long weekend so we can go for lovely long walks and they'll get lots of extra attention. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the weather stays dry(ish).

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