Monday, 19 May 2014

Super Sunny Weekend in the Westcountry!

What a fantastic weekend of sunshine we have had!

Friday evening was spent riding the horses down to the village with my best buddy, sploshing through the tide and meeting friends and riding to the pub with them. Unfortunately we weren't able to stop for a drink as well but we'll definitely try and do it soon!

Saturday was baking hot so I plaited Fern's mane up to help keep her cool and we went for a lovely ride round the tracks and lanes. I took my new GoPro camera out so will have to share the videos.

Both horses had a bath which was desperately needed. Fern was shining like a conker and BH's white bits were actually white!
Clean shiny Fern

Jobs got jobbed and the doggies had a lovely walk somewhere we've never been before which they enjoyed.

Mother and I went to the local pub for dinner and I enjoyed a lovely cold pint of Cornish Rattler cider. I recently went to Healey's Cider Farm where they make Rattler and sampled pretty much everything!! I've been converted - I rarely drink, but cold cider is so refreshing!

Sunday was just as gorgeous and I was up and out at a fitness bootcamp by 8am before it got too warm!
Home for breakfast in the garden and then headed out on Fern again for a lovely long ride round her favourite route. She was flying along and it's so lovely to see her enjoying herself.

Breakfast in the garden with a dog on the table!!!
Beautiful bluebells in the wood

I went to visit a friend and her baby for a couple of hours in the afternoon and it was lovely just laying in the garden chatting.
Mother and I took the dogs for an evening walk when it was nice and cool.

I love weekends like this! I've seen all my best friends and been making the most of the sunshine. Proper job! (As they say in the Westcountry!)

Did you get out and enjoy the weather? 

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