Sunday, 1 June 2014

A day out exploring...

On Saturday, I had to go and collect my saddle from Mid Devon so Mother and I decided to make a day of it and take the dogs as well.

First stop was my favourite country store and tack shop at Ashburton. Dogs are allowed in so they came in and chose some new toys - basically they helped themselves from the display and we bought them!
They also got a new bed which is supposed to be for both of them but...

Bed hog

I think she likes the new bed
We had breakfast from the tiny market and set off across the moor. We took the scenic route through Moretonhampstead so the journey was more interesting.

Once we'd got my saddle, we drove to the town of Okehampton and went to the little train station that had been recommended as a good place to walk the dogs.
Okehampton station

It was such a sweet little station and is obviously a well loved part of the local community and very well looked after by a small group of people.

There was a train on the platform and Mother had a spur of the moment idea to buy a ticket and go on a short ride so that's what we did! 
We jumped on with the dogs and went 10 minutes up the track to Meldon and we had just enough time to walk across the viaduct and back and jump back on the train.
Meldon Reservoir and Dam from the Viaduct

The dogs were so well behaved and enjoyed sitting on the seats and looking out of the window.

We loved Okehampton Station and it was a shame we didn't have longer to spend there so we've said we'll go back again soon and spend a day there exploring.

The next stop on our epic round tour of Dartmoor was Princetown to have a look at a stunning photography exhibition about Dartmoor by Guy Richardson and Alex Nail. Their website can be found here.
We sat out in the sun with the dogs to have a cream tea but it was the worst cream tea we've ever had so we definitely won't be going there again!

As the dogs still hadn't had a decent walk, we stopped at Burrator Reservoir and went for a lovely walk. Monty had a swim in the river, Dixie minced about as usual and we just enjoyed the late afternoon sun.
We saw loads of foals on the moor which were just so cute!
Crisp, clear water on Dartmoor

Mare and foal
I love exploring and discovering new places. The dogs have been so good for us and we're getting out to new places so much more than we used to.

We got home late and I went for a quick ride round the fields at about 8.30pm to look for BH's lost fly mask. It's much easier to see it from a height in the long grass. The dogs followed me round and BH galloped round and round like a complete moron. I stopped to take a picture but Fern spotted her shadow on the ground and leapt forward because she was scared. It wasn't the most relaxing ride in the world!

Evening ride round the fields

The horse eating shadow!

My (un)helpers!
I found BH's mask hanging by its ear on a twig in the hedge....

Found it!
As if we hadn't done enough for one day, we then went into the local town for the annual Food and Music Festival which was great. Ice cold cider, takeaway food and brilliant music by a great group called Freshly Squeezed. Dancing, drinking, bumping into friends, a warm evening and great music. A perfect end to a very long day!
Freshly Squeezed at the music festival

Have you done anything exciting this weekend?



  1. Those photos of your dog in the bed are too adorable!

    1. haha, thanks. She is hopeless! There are actually 2 duvets in the bed - a Disney Princess one because she's a total Princess, and the Glee one. She likes to bury right in the middle of the layers and snuggle up. Our other dog is normal...
      Your Teddy is a handsome chap and sounds like a right character! I love spaniels.