Friday, 20 June 2014

Beautiful Beaches in the Summer? - No Thanks!

Whilst procrastinating earlier, I came across this link to Buzzfeed:

A quick scroll through and 6 of them are in South Devon, all within an hour of me.

Soar Mill Cove
Gara Rock Beach
Babbacombe Beach
Torquay Harbour
Slapton Sands

They all look so lovely when the sun is shining! We are in the middle of a spell of lovely warm weather at the moment so everyone flocks to the beaches.

Torquay is known as the English Riviera (or Torbaydos) because of it's lovely beaches and Mediterranean feel.

We are lucky to have such wonderful places so close to us but as a local, I only ever see them out of season because they are so rammed with tourists (and kids) in the summer, I avoid them like the plague!

Hope Cove - December 2013
Hope Cove in Summer!
Personally, I don't like beaches. Living here in this beautiful area with beaches on our doorstep is slightly wasted on me because I only go to the beach to walk the dogs in the winter and I love blasting along the beach on Fern.

My "Go Faster" look...

Beach ride!!
I really hate sand (it gets everywhere!) so I always wear wellies to the beach and the sea makes your skin so sticky and then seaweed touches you when you're swimming.... aaargh! Horrible!

The car parking is limited and the roads to get to these places are narrow and therefore a complete bottleneck when everyone is trying to get to and from the beaches.

I don't have time to lay about doing nothing on a beach all day so I never go just for the sake of it. If I get time, I'd much rather chill in the peace and quiet of my garden or down by the river than on a beach with everyone else.

Anyone else a bit of a hermit?? Any other beach haters?? 

No?? Just me then!



  1. I agree! I'm not really a beach person.I go to Paignton quite a bit and the idea of getting out my milk bottle legs and battling for towel space with grockles isn't my idea of fun! It is beautiful this time of year though! xx

  2. Haha, I've never ever seen anyone feel quite so strongly against beaches before but fair enough, I think you and Kim can just hang out by a river whilst the rest of us prance about flicking sand everywhere!!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. I hate sand being in my car and all my horse gear getting covered in sand but I have to man up and put up with it because beaches are fun for doggies and ponies to thunder about on so it's worth the stress of sand! I might even pop to the beach on my pony tomorrow for a blast! xx

  4. My legs are so pale they're almost see through! It wouldn't be fair on the other beach goers for me to get my Casper like legs out! Not to mention kids (or adults - Michelle!) flicking sand about! I do go to the beach on rare occasions but I don't love it. I just tolerate it! xx

  5. I'm right there with you and I live in Australia!! I hate sand, I shrink away from the sun like a vampire and salt water- ewwww. I do like walking along the hard sand at sunset though. That's my compromise. Just popped over over Michelle's #FF shoutout. Lovely to meet you

  6. Oh, @seekingvictory btw :)