Monday, 23 June 2014

Early Bird Saturday and Sight Seeing Sunday!

Eeesh.... I am POOPED! I have had such a busy weekend!

Saturday started with an 04:45 alarm (yes... pre 5am on my day off!!) and loaded up Fern to take her to a village a few miles away. 
I was on board by 6.45am and it was lovely! Nice and cool and hardly any flies. 

Early morning shadows
I wasn't planning to go to the beach but as I was only a mile and a half away, it would have been rude not to! 
We arrived on the beach at 7.15am and had a blast around at low tide. There were only a couple of dog walkers so we had it to ourselves. Bliss! 

Happy place 
Fern absolutely loves the beach so was dragging me about but she wasn't out of control like BH would have been! 

Happy horse!
After my previous post about hating beaches - I still don't like them but I didn't have to touch the sand and it was so blimmin early, there were no kids to get in my way.
We stayed on the beach til about 7.30 so not long. It is the same beach they filmed International Velvet on years ago so I like to pretend I'm in the film galloping about on my horse!! 
Here's the video from my helmet camera:

Apologies it is not edited or anything - I have no idea how to do it and I also don't have time to faff about making it look fancy.

I carried on and explored a bridleway in the village but headed back to the trailer about 8.30 as it was getting too hot and too many flies about.

I loaded up and ran the gauntlet of drivers who panic when they see a large vehicle and trailer (one woman made me reverse my great big truck and trailer when she had just passed a passing place.... I glared.... She was lucky it was just a glare!!)
I was home by 9.15 so had the whole day to take the dogs to the park, do some cleaning (boring!) and I cooked a couple of meals up and waited for a friend from Leeds to arrive about 6pm.

We rode both horses out in the cool evening and I didn't manage to poison her or us with my cooking which is always a winner!

Sunday started with the Race For Life in Plymouth. 5k on a hilly route in boiling sunshine..... Hotttt!! 
I was really pleased I ran the first 3k before I had a walk between 3 and 4k (which was all uphill anyway!) and completed in just under 37 minutes. I did it in 31 mins last year with lots more preparation and a less hilly route so I was  pleased with my time today especially in the heat!
Mother took the dogs for a paddle in the sea while we ran and on the way back to the car I carried Dix for a little way because it was so warm.

Hot dog, hot human!
The Princess being carried
Afterwards, Mother and I took the dogs over to Mount Edgcumbe on the ferry.

Ferry selfie
Royal William Yard from the ferry
We had a cheeky half a cider at the pub before setting off for a mooch round the park. It was so hot but the dogs coped brilliantly and had a lovely time exploring. 

The view from "Thompson's Seat"
We had our picnic in the shade on "Thompson's Seat" and walked round the lovely grounds and up to the main house which has stunning views down the avenue to the sea and Plymouth.

Looking down the avenue from the house

From the front doors of the house

Mount Edgcumbe House
We mooched around to the old Stables which have been converted into a tea room but still have the old stalls and stables. 

Old stable still with manger and tie rings

Inside the Stables tea room
You could sit in the yard or in a stable. They still had the original stone floors and food mangers in the stables. It was lovely and I daydreamed about what it would have been like when it was full of horses.

We had a delicious cream tea with vintage china, English grown tea and lovely cream and jam on an enormous scone! Yummmmy!

Can't beat a good cream tea!

A mini pond in an old trough
After a nice stroll back down to the ferry, I bought the dogs and ice cream (I know! spoilt brats!) and Monty found a baby's dummy to chew which looked absolutely bleddy hilarious! A dog with a dummy! I couldn't get a picture because I was laughing too much!

Monty with his dummy at home

Royal William Yard
We got back home about 6 and just sat in the garden reading and listening to my iPod in the sun.

We had a crazy busy weekend but it's been great! I loved Mount Edgcumbe and definitely want to go back at some point. 
I can't wait for our next adventure! 

What did you get up to in the sunshine? 


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