Friday, 13 June 2014

Happy Friday!

I LOVE the Minions (Pinterest)
Who doesn't love a Friday?

In my previous jobs, my working week was Tuesday to Saturday so Friday was a bit of a nothing day because I still had work the next day. Booo!
Now I have an 'ordinary' office job, I get weekends and Bank Holidays off which after 2 years, is still a novelty and I completely sympathise with those who have to work weekends and Bank Holidays!

Here's a quick roundup of my week:

Monday: Mother Hall came home. I didn't get a text until midday so my lunch break was spent frantically tidying the house and dog toys strewn everywhere, doing the washing up and cleaning the dog beds.
The moment I got in the door after work, I banished the dogs to outside and hoovered like a maniac and made the place look a bit more respectable!
We walked the dogs and went out for a late dinner at the local pub and there was a cuuuute poodle puppy that was only 8 weeks old. We wanted to bring her home!!

Mmmm.... Cider!

Tuesday: I went to work and I went to circuit training in the evening. Dad and I put my car up on a ramp to see what it was likely to fail its MOT on... turns out... quite a lot!

Wednesday: I can't even remember if I did anything on Wednesday except go to work and then do the animals in the evening. Clearly nothing interesting happened on Wednesday!

This animal is so handsome!
Thursday: Car failed its MOT miserably. Have set a budget of around £100 to repair it. Thankfully Daddy is a car whizz and can hopefully fit the parts for me.
I rode Fern and led BH out for a late evening ride. It is quite difficult to ride and lead but luckily both horses were pretty well behaved last night. We saw a gypsy pony and cart at the local pub - what a perfect evening for it!

Riding and leading on an evening ride

Super shiny pony
As I have now seen the first horse flies of the year, the horses are wearing their space cadet outfits to protect them from the fly bites. They look ridiculous but it keeps the flies off! They were only cheapo rugs at £20 each so we'll see how well they last. I give them a week until i see at least some damage!

Space Cadets!

BH in his space suit

Friday: not much planned for today. I would like to ride again this evening when it cools down a bit. I also want to sit in the garden with the puppies and sup my last cider and read Harry Potter but I know that won't happen. I might just sit in the sun for a bit though!

Gimme a kiss!
I've got a wedding on Saturday but will hopefully be able to ride as well and on Sunday, I have no firm plans right now. I might see if Dad is free and take him out for lunch or a cream tea or something as it's Father's Day or I might just take the dogs for a lovely walk on the moor....

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I didnt think I was a horsey person (and I'm still not 100% convinced I am!) but yours are magnificent! They look like real characters...and who doesnt love a space suit!
    M x Life Outside London