Friday, 27 June 2014

Happy Friday!

So I'm going to attempt my first ever scheduled post.... I hope it works! .... Erm... Clearly it didn't as it's still showing as a draft on my phone! Sorry! 

I am currently on "holiday" with Fern and one of my best friends and her horse.
I use the word "holiday" very loosely as it is more like a boot camp!
We get back Sunday late afternoon and I've got to throw everything back in the tack room and jump straight in the car to head to London for a couple of days.

This week has been busy busy:

Wanted to ride Fern after work to get her over a couple more jumps before we go away.
I called and called but the nags didn't appear so I had to trek down the fields to find them.
They appeared out of the barn but wouldn't come to me so I had to go and capture them and walk all the way back up the big hill. Little darlings!
Did a bit of jumping on Fern. I'm so proud of her. Her confidence has improved so much but she still has an attitude!
I went to the 24 hour Tesco half an hour away to stock up on biscuits and cider for our "holiday" - even driving home at 11pm I had the windows open!

Bootcamp in the heat... not so much fun!
Used a gizmo called a TRX - I spent most of the time on my face but it was funny!

Riding BH after work - he was a tit. Jogging and prancing and just being an idiot. 
Spent the evening (til gone midnight!) cleaning the horses bridles, which haven't been done for months, and watching a One Direction DVD. A good job jobbed though!

A day off work to get organised!
Packed my stuff for camp and then for London, packed Fern's stuff plus spares. It was like paying Tetris to get my saddle and various other bits in the Tack Pack and I've still got to get my friend's gear in as well! 

Fern's stuff for camp. I've got 2 huge bags to add to this!
I cursed at the torrential rain and did a sun dance for the weekend! We do NOT want to get wet this weekend!!

Let's do a sun dance!!
Set off to camp around 7am and stop for breakfast at Sheppy's Cider Farm on route. We did this last year to kill time as we were ahead of ourselves and it was so good, we're actually planning a stop there this time! Hopefully the horses won't wee in the car park like they did last time... It was on a slope and there was a wee river flowing across the car park! Delightful...

Hopefully the weather will be nice to us.

What are you up to this weekend? 

Catch up soon


  1. Oooh so close with the scheduling!
    And I'm going to have to reconsider dog off in light of your 1D DVD watching....
    M x Life Outside London

  2. hahaha! everyone is a closet 1D fan really! I don't know why it didn't post when it should have. I need to work out how to make the timer BST/GMT. Stupid technology....

  3. That's a properly busy week! I do love the challenge of tetris-ing loads of things into one small suitcase, though! I can't remember what I was up to that weekend, but it absolutely didn't involve 1D ;)

  4. haha! you're all closet 1D fans really, i'm sure! x