Monday, 2 June 2014

Hey June! Don't let me down...

How is it June already?! 
21st June is summer solstice and the longest day so it's all downhill to winter then!
I will try not to think about it like that too much!

June this year is pretty busy for me so it will fly by and then it'll be July!
This weekend I am going to my very first blogging social event in Exeter. I am really looking forward to meeting other more experienced bloggers and I can't wait to meet Michelle from Life Outside London.
I'm also a little bit worried because I live in jodhpurs and wellies usually so I will have to find something decent to wear which is difficult!

On Sunday, I'm taking part in a Rainbow Run in aid of Children's Hospice South West. We get paint chucked over us as we go round and it sounded like lots of fun so I've signed up with my best friend's mum.
Unfortunately my achilles tendonitis has been really bad recently so I will be taking it very steady.

The next Saturday, I am going to a wedding of some old work colleagues who I haven't seen for years so that will be great fun!
On the Sunday, I'm planning to go to the National Driving Trials in Plymouth with my buddy for a day of fast paced excitement.
I went a few years ago and it was brilliant watching the horses negotiating each obstacle on the course at speed without catching the carriage on it.

On the 3rd weekend in June, I have the Race For Life in Plymouth which I did for the first time last year. I trained lots last year and was really proud of myself. 
This year won't be as good due to my dicky tendons but I will do my best and run as much as I can.

The last weekend in June is the highlight of the year and I'm counting down the days to Horse Camp! 
Myself and one of my best friends are taking our horses to Somerset for a weekend of training and it's like Pony Club Camp except we get to stay in portacabins rather than tents or horse trailers and we can have alcohol!

It's not really a holiday, more like a boot camp as we have to get up early and do the horses before breakfast and ride for several hours a day, then do evening stables and everyone goes to bed about 8pm because we're all so exhausted! We come back filthy dirty, stinking of horses and very tired but it is awesome!

Do you have anything exciting coming up in June? 



  1. I'm going to the SW Blog Social as well! See you there! :-) x

    1. Great to meet you on Saturday Louisa! x