Thursday, 12 June 2014

Mundane Midweek

There is nothing going on this week so let's do a Mundane Midweek post!

This is how I feel this week...

Here's a quick (very boring) list....

  • Working... crazy wedding season so I'm busy busy busy!
  • Not riding.... just too tired when I get in to faff about catching horses and going riding. Need to change attitude and get my ass out on my horses! I'll feel so much better for it.
  • Circuit training
  • Car failed its MOT - not going to be a cheap repair!
  • Looking after a neighbour's animals. Dopey horse and some chickens/guineafowl. Lots of eggs to use up!
  • Planning a trip to Barcelona in September
  • Planning a trip to London
  • Stressing about trips to London and Barcelona due to horses spending all my pennies having their teeth, shoes and saddles done within a very short space of time. A Lottery win is well overdue!!
  • Disappointed that the Driving Trials in Plymouth this weekend have been cancelled due to lack of entries. I was so looking forward to that!

Things that are pretty good this week though...

  • The weather!! gorgeous sunshine. Happy days
  • Nice weather = cold cider drinking
  • Awesome friends - online and in real life. Love them all
  • Hilarious colleagues. Lots of laughing this week
  • Another wedding to look forward to at the weekend
  • A few more days of beautiful weather!
  • The WEEKEND!!!


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