Wednesday, 4 June 2014

On my iPod...

Recently I've been quite bored with listening to the same sort of music over and over and I didn't want to go out and buy another "Now" album straight away so I put my iPod on "shuffle all".....
Oh my!! 

There is such a weird and wonderful collection of music on my iPod from various phases I've been through and sometimes the songs bring back amazing memories (usually of Uni) so I've been really enjoying singing along to such a weird and wonderful variety and each new song that comes on is a total unknown!

I don't want to know the next 10 songs coming up are so below is the list of the 10 previous songs I've listened to....

1. Art of Key Noise - Dave Koz
Dave Koz is a brilliant saxophonist and I play the saxophone myself so I went through a phase at Uni of listening to his collections. They are quite mellow and sometimes quite jolly and make very easy listening.

2. Morris Brown - Outkast
Reminds me of Uni and happy times living with my flatmates and driving around singing.

3. Poker Face - Glee Cast
I'm a big Glee fan so love all the covers they do. Such a shame when it moved to Sky as I haven't been able to watch it since!

4. There She Goes - Taio Cruz
This is from Now 82 so just a good mix up of choons!

5. Nothing But The Girl - Alexandra Burke
I don't remember downloading this album but I may have borrowed it from someone and put it on to get one song or something so now just have the entire collection!

6. O Come All Ye Faithful - Unknown
Yep... Christmas songs! I skipped this one... It's only June!

7. The Two Of Us - Katie Price and Peter Andre
Ohhhh.... How embarrassing!! I have an excuse though! One of my ex boyfriends downloaded it and it ended up on my iPod and has stayed there ever since because I never listen to it but it's come up on shuffle all..... 

8. Last Night - Justin Timberlake
This album reminds me of my first summer driving. My friends and I used to drive to and from school blaring this out, the sun was shining and I was driving my legendary Renault 5! Good times!

9. Change Your Mind - Westlife
I seem to have lots of Westlife on my iPod but it's easy to listen to and who doesn't love a good ballad to sing along to?!

10. Track 3 (not sure which disc) - Classic FM Relax and Escape
I do enjoy a bit of classical music sometimes. I used to listen to it at Uni when I was writing essays because I can't stand working in silence but I can't have songs with lyrics or I end up singing along and/or writing the lyrics into my essay! Classical music is just good background music.

So there is a very brief insight into the interesting variety of music on my iPod. I will do another 10 soon and see if I can uncover any other embarrassing stuff that I had forgotten was on there!

Have you ever put your music on "Shuffle All" and seen what comes up? 


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