Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Saturday - SW Blog Social!

How was your weekend? 
I had a packed weekend but it was great!

Saturday started with a 6.30am alarm and out for a ride on Fern at 7.30 for an hour or so round the village.
The weather was gorgeous when I set off but just as I was coming back up the lane to home, the heavens opened so I did get a bit damp!

The afternoon was taken up by the South West Blog Social which was great. I met up with some lovely ladies and we had a brilliant afternoon chatting and meeting new people and putting faces to names.
I have now got to find time to go and read all of their beautiful blogs!

Michelle and I have said we're going to arrange a "dog off" to see whose dog is faster! She's crazy busy moving house and being a grown up so it won't be for a while yet!

The lovely ladies in our little group have decided to try and arrange another mini meet up later this year and hopefully people like Alice, who unfortunately couldn't make it on Saturday, will be able to come as well.
I feel I've found a load of new friends and I'm really looking forwards to reading their blogs and getting to know them better.

If you want to check them out they are:

Life Outside London
Michelle is also a mad puppy owner and so lovely. Her spaniels are super cute and I can't wait for the "dog off"

Little Apple Tree
Angela is a lovely lady and was wearing such a colourful summery outfit to the social. I can't wait to start reading her blog!

Duck In A Dress
Louisa is such an interesting person and it was great chatting to her! Go and check her blog out!

Whimsical Mrs W
Go and see Kim's blog! It's so pretty and Kim is a beautiful person. She has given me some useful tips as a newbie blogger and I'll definitely be picking her brains again!

Medicated Follower of Fashion
Go and check out Alex's blog. She was wearing a great outfit at the social so I'll look forward to seeing her great pictures on her blog.

Love in Modern Life
Chelsea brought her gorgeous son Dylan with her to the social and he kept us entertained! Her blog has got loads of great pictures on it and will be a good read. 

Tub on the Run
Steph was the first person I met at the social and she put me at ease and she's really funny. I hope Steph will come to our mini meetup so we can get to know her better!

We all got given a brilliant goody bag when we left the social which had some full size beauty products from Yves Rocher in it. I have no idea what they are used for so I'll give them to Mother and see if she wants them. I don't put anything on my skin except soap and water (and fly repellent, mud, dirt etc etc!) The best bit was the cute earrings from Ji Ji Kiki  and lots of vouchers for local businesses which will mean another trip to Exeter to explore!

Right... this post is getting quite long and I haven't done Sunday yet so I'll do a separate post!!



  1. So nice to meet you, it was a really nice afternoon!
    Bring on the dog off.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Aw thank you! It was so great to meet you all :) x

  3. Twas a fabulous day - mainly due to the awesome company! I'm definitely up for a meet-up again, we need to find a date when we're all free and get it organised. Plus I do like the sound of a dog-off, please, please blog about that when it happens! :-) xx

  4. It was so lovely to meet you, Sarah! I'd be up for another meet-up in the summer! (I quite liked The Oddfellows.) I'm going to head back to Exeter sometime soon (before the vouchers expire) for a wander round with my camera and probably the family, too!