Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunny Saturday and a Seaside Wedding

The view up the estuary

Wow, what amazing weather we've had this weekend. Weren't we lucky?!

Saturday was boiling hot and there was an awful lot to pack in.

I took BH out first thing and he was pretty well behaved. I haven't ridden him for ages as I've been saving time by leading him off Fern so it was nice to get out on him.

Whilst i was eating brunch at about 10 past 11, I realised that I needed to leave the house by half past 11 to make it to a midday wedding in a nearby village! Oops!
I managed to shower, wash my hair, change and make myself look half decent in 20 minutes and left on time at 11.30! 

The wedding was beautiful and very emotional. The bride and groom are old work colleagues of mine and I hadn't seen them for about 4 years. It was a lovely service and they are such a great couple and very happy together. 

After the service, I stopped for a cuppa and natter with my friend and her gorgeous baby who live near to the church. It was lovely sitting in the sun and she's got a cracking view from her garden.

I shot into town in full dress and hair piece and went to the farmers merchant... yup.... 
As always, only needed some fly repellent but ended up coming out with another brush and a new fly mask as well... I have a problem with horsey shops...

Back home to get changed into my grubby stuff again and ride Fern. I took her in the field for a jumping session as we're going away in 2 weeks and she's hardly been airborne.
She was on form despite being eaten alive by horse flies and being chased round and round by Monty. (I tied him to the fence in the end because he was doing my head in!)
She jumped so well and I was really proud of her. The last fence we did was about 2'9" which is big for her as she's a big old bird and not designed for jumping, bless her.

We had time to take the dogs for a walk round the village before I had to shower and change ready for the evening wedding reception! (Deja vu!)

Looking towards the mouth of the estuary and the open sea
 The reception was held in a local seaside town at a lovely venue with wonderful views over the estuary.
We are very lucky to have such beautiful places right on the doorstep.

As the weather was so nice, we were able to spend most of the evening on the terrace watching the sun go down at the end of a fantastic but busy day!

Panoramic view from the terrace

Did you get out and enjoy the sunny weather?


  1. Salcome is just gorgeous (and that is some seriously impressive getting ready time!)
    Looks like a jam packed but pretty lovely day. We spent lots of time hopping between shade patches to give the pups a break but it was lovely to have the chance to do that!
    M x Life Outside London

  2. My pups spent the day flopping about in the sun and then Dix took herself off to bed when she got too hot - snuggled in 4 layers of duvet is obviously better than laying in the sun or the shade.... Weirdo!