Friday, 6 June 2014

Happy Friday!

Here's a quick round up of my week....

Monday - attempted to cook something in the slow cooker for the first time. Made a mustard chicken and ham stew type thing. Just went for the easiest sounding recipe I could find!
It was good! A little on the bland side but it fed me for a few days and it didn't give me food poisoning! Win win!

Tuesday - totally overdid it at boot camp and now my tendons are really sore so I'm annoyed with myself as it's the Children's Hospice race this weekend so I'll have to shuffle round rather than jog.
I called in to see my friend's baby at bathtime. He is so cute and was playing with all his bath toys and dunking his face in the water and bubbles.

Wednesday - The farrier came today and both horses have had their feet trimmed and have lovely new shoes. The dogs like to eat the hoof trimmings - it's a delicacy in the doggy world. This is fine until they chunder in the house though...
Discovered a funny game to play with Monty on our evening walk.

Fishing for stones
Thursday - ahhh... Thursday.... took me 40 minutes, a lot of walking, a LOT of swearing and the threat of being turned into dog food to catch BH.... He's never usually bad to catch but my goodness was he pushing my buttons. All I wanted to do was take his rug off so he didn't get too hot in the sun!
I am not talking to him right now and they are sulking in the small paddock.
Not. Impressed.

On the flip side, the view and weather was amazing when I first stepped into the field to catch them!

Beautiful morning!

Dartmoor in the distance

Took another hilarious picture of Monty on our walk. *snigger*

Soggy doggy
Thursday evening involved doggy cuddles and watching Mamma Mia for the hundredth time.

Friday - Monty has been to the groomers for a tidy up.
Here's his before and after....


What a transformation!

This evening will involve a nice dog walk, a refreshing pint of Cornish Rattler cider and probably some ice cream!

This weekend is the South West Blog Social and the CHSW Rainbow Run as well as doing all the chores, walking the dogs and riding the horses.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Lovely to meet you on Saturday, Sarah! Monty is so cute, especially all bedraggled after a fun walk! I can't believe the transformation after a trip to the groomers. He looks very dapper!

    1. Lovely to meet you as well! It was a great afternoon wasn't it? x