Saturday, 5 July 2014

A little catch up...

After my amazing weekend at Pony Camp, I had to dash up to London a couple of hours after I got home. Thankfully I had time for a shower first or that would have been a loooong journey for Mother!!
We arrived just after midnight and fell into bed. Monty got to sleep in our room which was a real treat for him and he made the most of being allowed on the bed!

Monday morning was my Nan's funeral which was obviously very emotional for everyone but it was so lovely. I wasn't close to her and hadn't seen her for a couple of years but it was great to see all my aunts, uncle and cousins again. Some I haven't seen for nearly 20 years!
I've never been to a funeral before so had no idea how I would feel.
It was so lovely and it all went very smoothly and everyone said it was perfect for her.
She had a cardboard coffin with daffodils all over it which looked really bright and vibrant and very different!
Mother had made a couple of wreaths and there were several from her neighbours and friends.
It wasn't a religious funeral particularly. They had a "Celebrant" who was lovely and we listened to Glenn Miller and Frank Sinatra and people were tapping their toes and some singing along.

We all felt it went really well and the Funeral Directors and all staff involved were fantastic so a big thank you to them.

Made by Mother

Beautiful flowers

My Brother had Dixie on base with him Sunday night, brought her down on Monday morning and took her back again in the afternoon. We picked her up from his barracks on Tuesday on our way home.
This meant we just had Monty so he got loads of cuddles and everyone loved him (mostly because he just keeps rolling over for belly rubs!)
On Monday morning we took him and my Aunt's dog for a walk round Waddon Ponds and his little eyes nearly popped out of his head when he saw the geese, ducks and moorhens as we don't have anything like that round here. Thank goodness he was on his lead!!
In the evening, Mum and I took him round Beddington Park which is huge and really nicely maintained and he had a great time charging about off the lead playing with his ball.

On Tuesday morning, my mum and aunts all sat down to discuss what the next steps are with various possessions etc so I took Monty back over to the park so we didn't just sit about being bored.

Hurry up and throw the stone....
We had the most lovely walk. The sun was blazing so I was just in a vest top, Monty was in the river as quick as a shot as there was a very handy set of steps he could go down.


Monty playing with his ball

Lovely park

There is a school in the park and the kids were in the river doing science experiments and I had to keep Monty at a distance because he's not a very helpful helper!!

The school in Beddington Park

The drive home was very hot but we stopped for an early evening walk on Salisbury plain before ploughing on home.

A very busy few days but enjoyable and now we're back to normality!

I went to my friend's house for supper on Wednesday and we sat in her garden which was lovely.

Dinner and drinks with the bestie in her lovely garden
I went to another friend's house for dinner on Thursday as well. 
Busy busy!!

I'm going to London again soon but for something in the centre. I'll tell you more about that soon!

What have you all been up to? I feel cut off after having minimal internet for so long and then being so busy at work for the rest of the week!!


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