Monday, 21 July 2014

A very British weekend!

The first part of my weekend was Friday evening. I went to the Royal Marines 350th Birthday Proms in Plymouth.
Sooooo many lovely young men in uniform!! 
We went with our friends and neighbours and had a picnic on the pitch (it was at Plymouth Albion rugby club).

Starters were individual, foil wrapped bowls of carrot sticks, hummus and smoked salmon and a bag of crisps... Interesting!

My other neighbour is an excellent cook and a real feeder and oh my! She didn't disappoint!
She had made us each an enormous pasty. Apparently they were medium size!! It took up the entire plate! They were nice and hot too. Yummy.
We had taken a big roasted vegetable couscous salad for sharing which always goes down well at picnics.
For pudding, we had a huge bowl of strawberries and an obscenely large dollop of clotted cream with a bit of cake.
We weren't allowed to take glass in so all our alcohol was decanted into water bottles beforehand. Classy!
There was also tea and coffee and yet more home made cakes and biscuits.... we could barely get out of our seats we were so full up!

The Plymouth Military Wives choir sang and they were great. Sadly no Gareth Malone though!
Plymouth Military Wives Choir
There was also a spitfire flypast which was so exciting!
The marines did a demonstration of their fighting which was scary! They are so tough! 
The RM band was fantastic and we enjoyed some brilliant music, traditional as well as a bit of Queen! 

Corps of Drums
The highlight for me was the saxophone soloist. Wow! He was brilliant!

They showed videos on the stage screens during the music from War Horse and it really was quite emotional and really brings it home how many people sacrificed so much for our freedom and how brave they were. Incredible people.

A light sprinkling of rain made everyone don their coats and ponchos but thankfully it didn't come to anything worse.

There was lots of Union flag waving, and it was brilliant! A thoroughly enjoyable evening with great friends.

Saturday morning was really lazy. I didn't get up til 9 and then just dossed about until I went to meet my friend and her little boy for breakfast at a local cafe.
When I got back, I brought the horses over and took Fern out for a ride. I discovered she had a loose shoe which is really frustrating as the farrier was only here on Thursday to shoe BH. She's not due until 1st August but my farrier is a gem and he's coming on Wednesday to shoe her.

On Saturday evening, Mum and I took the doggies for a walk on the beach which was lovely in the evening sun. Monty had a lovely time swimming and chasing Dixie about at 90mph!
Dixie managed to miss a stride or tripped over a hole or something but she face planted in spectacular fashion! It was hilarious!
Monty also swam out to a kayaker on the river when we had our backs turned for a minute! Little monster!

Sunday morning started bright and early because I was heading off to a Riding Club clinic with Fern.
Unfortunately, her shoe hadn't come off overnight so Dad and I had to get some tools on it and remove it because it would have been too dangerous to have it loose while jumping. 
The jumping clinic was really good and although Fern wasn't being overly cooperative because it was rather hot, I did feel we achieved quite a lot and I've got things to work on now.

In the afternoon, Mum and I popped down into the village to visit an open garden. It's not something I would normally do but I'm glad we went. All money raised was going to The Cinnamon Trust which is a great charity.
Their garden was beautiful, right next to the river with lots of different little areas. They had 2 donkeys and various chickens, ducks and geese. The doggies were fascinated by all these strange creatures!
We sat on their lawn and had tea and cake in the sun. Lovely!

Mum and I took the dogs to the beach again for an evening walk and they blasted round like loonies and slept in the car all the way home.

I have had such a British weekend, proms and picnic in dodgy weather, tea and cake, strawberries and cream, plenty of cups of tea.... How bloody British can you get?!

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like an amazing weekend - that pasty looks so nice! :)

  2. It was a fab weekend! Ate waaaay too much yummy food though!