Thursday, 31 July 2014

A weekend in London

Yes... This weekend I am going to be a tourist in LDN!

I haven't been to London since March when I went to the Harry Potter studios with my best buddy.
This time we're going to Buckingham Palace
 Buckingham Palace (Source)
My best buddy got me an amazing Harry Potter Film Wizardry book for my birthday so I wanted to get her something brilliant for her birthday. She had mentioned about going to Buckingham Palace so, with the help of her Mum, we have organised a weekend in London and a trip round the Queen's house! 

She was so excited when she got her invite. Phew! All the planning was worth it!
Our Mums are coming too so it'll be a nice little getaway.

I went to the Palace last year and it was great. The tickets are around £20 so not crazy expensive.
The gift shop and cafe are expensive though!!

We're also planning to go to the Street Feast as recommended by Alice and Bess and we're hoping to fit in a visit to Vauxhall City Farm as well - you can't take farmers to the big city and not visit a city farm!  

I'm really looking forward to it!


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  1. I'm ready to play catch up with your Londinium posts...sorry for the impending comment onslaught!
    M x