Monday, 7 July 2014

At the weekend...

I finally finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix!! 
I swear I have been reading this book for months! I don't usually get time to sit and read and by the time I get to bed, I read a few lines then drop the book/kindle on my face (you know the feeling) because I'm so tired!
I have already begun Half Blood Prince and will try and take less than 6 months to read it! 

I bought the puppies a little paddling pool to play in and Mont was having a lovely play in it while it was filling. I went to sort the horses out and only Dixie was down the yard so when I went to put the dogs in the house, I discovered why it was so suspiciously quiet.... Monty had been very busy EATING the paddling pool! It was in shreds! There was water everywhere and a very happy little dog. I had to laugh!

I took them into town to go and buy a rigid sided one (at great expense compared to my £3 supermarket special!) so now we have an enormous garish paddling pool but it is still intact! I had to build a little step into and out of it as it's a bit high sided for a small dog. We had lots of fun setting it up though and Mont stands on the step whining until you chuck some stones in it for him to (not) catch. 

Hurry up and fill!

Please throw some stones!
When I went to the post office to buy the Sunday paper, I bought Mont a football which we took for a play in the park next door and he then proceeded to chase into the stream twice so I had to get wet and retrieve it. I confiscated it after that until we got home! 

I took the trailer to a popular touristy village to collect some straw and I swear people think my truck and trailer is the Knight Bus and is going to magically squeeze through tiny spaces and that they're not going to have to reverse for me... Nice try Grockles! Find that reverse gear and bleddy use it!! 
Took 25 minutes to do a 10 minute journey..... 
The view in the field is so worth it though!

Stunning view
This weekend I've also finished unpacking my bags from my time away, done a tonne of washing, ridden the horse, walked the dogs, swept the yard, lugged loads of straw, run errands in town and chilled out in the garden a bit!

Got my ghostly legs out!
We've also had the first field cut for hay! We haven't made hay for years but thought we'd get a few bales done this year rather than just top the fields and leave the grass to rot. 
Exciting! But it does mean more lugging of heavy bales into storage! 

The first cut of hay
I haven't really done very much this weekend (really, I haven't!) which has been nice because I've been so busy recently. I definitely needed a quiet weekend!

What did you get up to at the weekend? 


  1. Ha, Monty and the paddling pool! Mine still havent realised theirs is for cooling off in, it's still just a massive drinking bowl (but thankfully not yet a chew toy!!)
    Can't wait to see Monty's cheeky little face!
    M x

  2. Mont is obsessed with his pool. Doesn't matter if it's freezing cold, he'll stand in it shivering and whining until you throw some stones!
    He ate his new football yesterday but the empty flat ball seems to be a good toy!