Friday, 11 July 2014

Happy Friday!

The weekend is here at last!
This week seems to have gone fairly quickly but work has been pretty busy this week which helps!

This picture has made my entire week:

Seriously.... Zac Efron... on a horse... cantering through the water... This is the stuff of dreams!!
(Let's forget about the female he was actually with at the time though eh?! Don't burst my bubble!)

So here's a quick rundown of my unexciting week....

Nothing interesting happened. The hay was cut in the first field.
It rained - not good when you're making hay!!
Had a nice thank you letter from someone very well known who we did a job for recently. 
Took the doggies to a local beach for an evening walk at low tide then followed with fish and chips in the local pub. 

Paddling puppies
The hay was cut in the second field. 
Boot Camp after a week off... tough! am still feeling the burn in my thighs!
Went for supper at one of my friend's houses and cuddled the 2 remaining fat labrador puppies and watched show jumping on telly. It was great! sadly the puppies wouldn't keep still long enough to get a piccy.

Went for a nice ride with a friend after work. We decided we neeeeeed to do a pub ride soon but the only pub suitable is the local pub so we think we'll maybe call in one evening on our way back from a ride for supper and a bevvy. It probably won't go as well as we hope but I'll keep you updated!

The view on our evening ride
On speaking to BH's rider, we discovered that some weird stuff has been going on with the horses' rugs - buckles that shouldn't be able to come undone being completely undone. Same strap on the rugs, different horse, different days.... This is not the first time there have been odd goings on so I have alerted my neighbours and we're all being extra vigilant again. 
If someone wants to steal my horses, I'm fairly sure they'll bring them back pretty quickly when they realise what a pair of [insert suitable insult here] they are!

Nothing interesting. I trekked around the field trying to find 2 lost fly masks but only found one. The other will probably turn up in a bale of hay over the winter or something. Typically I found the crappy 3 year old one that's falling apart and not the expensive nearly new one!

The best friend's birthday! We're off out for supper tonight at her local and I can't wait to give her her pressies!
Hopefully the hay will be baled today and tomorrow which means I will spend the weekend lugging it about... yay... We're not expecting to get the usual 800 bales but I reckon there'll be around 100 - 200. Feel free to guess the number of bales and I'll give away... nothing... I have nothing to give you except kudos! haha!

The weekend:
I live in between 2 villages and they both have their village fetes on Saturday at the same time... On purpose?! Who knows! One has a dog show and the other has got more to see. I might see whether I can go to both!

How has your week been?

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