Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sometimes I do wonder....

Why I have horses!!!

My babies
On Sunday they were testing my patience and being little monsters!

I wanted to take Fern up round the village for a quick spin around some stubble fields.
I didn't bother bringing them both into the yard so i just took my stuff in the wheelbarrow to the field.
I had to con them into coming over by waving their dinner bowls at them to catch Fern.
I managed to brush her and saddle up fairly easily. BH was trying to wind her up by nipping her over the fence. He's so annoying!

Fern knows how to stand alongside the gate so I can climb up and get on but this occasion she was being very naughty and kept swinging her bum out so she was 90 degrees to the gate so I couldn't get on. It took nearly 10 minutes of discussion with her for me to eventually scramble on. What a madam!
She was then on her toes as we quick marched up the lane. Normally she's happy to just mooch but she was on a mission! 
I have come to the conclusion that she forgets what the outside world looks like if I haven't ridden for several days. 
She was scared of a lump of bracken that was hanging out of the hedge so we had to do a wall of death past it whilst she was snorting and farting... *rolls eyes*

We got up onto the main road ok but she then decided she wanted nothing to do with the road markings or the vehicles parked on the road so we had a dance and a prance along the road. Thankfully the traffic could see I was struggling a bit so they gave us plenty of space. Thank you good people! 

We got to the stubble fields and just had an absolute blast! We love those fields and I've been keeping an eye out for when they started harvest so I could ring the farmer and ask permission to ride around them. I always ask him every year as I think it is good manners, rather than just assuming I can.

Fern went like a little rocket! You can forget about how frustrating horses can be when you're galloping flat out with the wind in your face on a beautiful summer's evening.
There is absolutely no better place to be in the world!
In the stubble fields last summer
She was all excited then so we had to jog all the way home which is ok for about a minute then it gets annoying. Just walk dagnammit! 

When we got back, I put all my stuff back into the wheelbarrow which BH then tipped over from the other side of the fence...... *siiiigh*

He's such an ASBO horse sometimes! 
I then put what was left of their fly rugs on and put Fern back in the field.

I was being watched by Monty the whole time from the top of our driveway....

BH is already in his spare fly rug because he ripped his other one badly and now he's ripped this one as well!

*siiiiigh* Fly rug number 2 bites the dust

Fern's has got enormous rips in so I will have a fun time stitching them all up at some point...... *siiiigh*

More rip than rug!
Another massive tear in the neck cover...
They'll no doubt end up with new ones for next summer but they're going to have to stay in these ones this year. I'm not made of money! 

Their other favourite hobbies that make me question my sanity are:

- Breaking the fence (Fern with her giant bottom)
- Getting stuck in the fence and needing to be cut out (BH)
- Not wanting to be caught. Just letting me get close enough and then galloping off when I extend my hand towards them. Gits!
- Not coming when they're called. They're on 17 acres of grazing so I prefer not to tramp around trying to find them!
- Trashing the stables (Fern mostly)
- Switching the lights on and off (BH)
- Jumping across the road because they've seen their shadow following them along the hedge (Fern)
- "helping" by tipping things over, pulling rugs off the doors etc etc (BH)
- Not going in the trailer (Fern - but she's getting better)

Bless them! They do push my buttons sometimes but I love them really and I can't imagine life without them. It would be very dull!

Sun down over my stables



  1. Helpful, risk aware and keeping you fit by running away! That's why you have them!!
    They're also absolutely gorgeous, I realise they're probably not called fringes but their fringes are marvellous.
    And the view from way up there looks pretty epic.
    M x Life Outside London

  2. haha, yes, thanks for reminding me of the positives... sort of!
    Their fringes are called forelocks. BH has got a massive bouffant and a big bushy tail. So. much. hair!
    I get through loads of mane and tail conditioner!