Monday, 14 July 2014

Supporting local events

I always think it is so important to support events organised by local people in the community.
They work so hard to organise the day and pull it all off so it is important that we go along and spend some pennies and support the cause.

As I live in a very rural area, we have lots of little village fetes and fun days going on over the summer so there's always something to go to.

At the weekend, the 2 villages I live between held their village fetes on the same day at the same time. Typical! I was going to have to split my afternoon between them both.

The first fete I went to was on the Vicarage green and there was a cake stall, tombola, greasy pole, BBQ, splat the rat, pony rides, pets corner, bouncy castle and a kiddies entertainer amongst other things.
I was able to take the dogs so they enjoyed trying to drag me near to the BBQ and sniffing about for any dropped crumbs near the cake stall!

We had a mooch around the different stalls and Dixie got scared of some little boys running round with their balloon swords and then the doggies eyes nearly fell out of their heads when they saw the ducks and chicks!
WHAT are they?!

It was lovely to bump into lots of people and have a chat. The atmosphere was great and it was particularly geared up for kids.

We left this village and went up to the next one which also had a family dog show as well. 
I took Monty last year when he was about 14 weeks old so he was a super cute little ball of fluff.
We just about managed to catch the last two classes - Most Appealing Eyes and Fancy Dress!

Monty went in the first class and there was at least 10 dogs in there and he won! I did give him a brush that morning so you could actually see his eyes through the fluff!
Dixie went in the fancy dress as Batman and came 2nd to a greyhound in a sheepskin rug (Wolf in Sheep's Clothing apparently!!)

We had a lovely afternoon and brought a couple of lovely slices of cake home with us so we did well to support 2 separate events and the doggies had a great afternoon out.

Scruffy little urchin!
First place for the most appealing eyes!
Eating his rosette is much more fun than posing!

We are looking forward to the next day out!

What local events do you support?



  1. He does have gorgeous eyes! Good work Monty.
    I'm pretty rubbish at local events (which is a bit shameful!) but I've got my eye on some apple pie fairs and I need to find me a dog show, I reckon we'd nail it.
    I love that you did two in a day too, that's some good Devonish commitment!
    M x Life Outside London

  2. Apple Pie Fairs?? I need to come to these as well by the sounds of it!
    You could put your in best pair or maybe most obedient?? hahaha!