Friday, 25 July 2014

The Summer Tag

I have been so busy recently, I've been struggling to sit down and write some decent blog posts.
I've been managing the pretty uninteresting day to day bits and bobs but nothing interesting for you!

Work is crazy busy at the moment and I spend all day sat in front of a computer and the last thing I want to do when I get in, is open up my laptop!
I like to go and sit in the garden and potter about. I rarely watch TV (except Commando School... seriously... watch it... especially episode 1... you'll thank me later!) I'd much rather listen to music while I do other things.

On Wednesday, I spent the day in Plymouth on an Emergency First Aid course. Those dummies are the creepiest things but it was in an air conditioned room and it was very interesting and we had a few laughs.
My Pony Club bandaging badge stood me in good stead!

First Aid training...

I also decided (stupidly) to put my car through the car wash on the hottest day... No windows open, no fan blowing... I was sweating and the windows steamed up! 
My car hasn't been that clean for years though! 

Car Wash!

Car wash
Last night I got in from work, popped into town for some bits then sat in the garden in shorts and vest! I had my dinner al fresco and read Harry Potter on my kindle.
I took the dogs over the field to feed the horses which then turned into an hour of hunting for both horses fly masks!
I then retreated back to my comfy seat in the garden with a pint of Pimms and read HP until it got dark.

Yesterday I was reading Michelle's blog and discovered she'd tagged me in The Summer Tag so here goes!

1. What's your favourite thing about summer? 
Probably all the local events that are on. There's something to choose from pretty much every weekend! The local music festival is always good and I love a local fete with a dog show or something. I'm looking forward to the vintage rally in August.

Late evening walk on a quiet beach
2. Do you have a favourite summer drink? 
Cider! Preferably Rattler though. If it's during the day and alcohol is not appropriate... lemonade or orange squash.

3. Is there a location you prefer to go to in the summer?
 Anywhere where there are no or minimal numbers of people. Most places are swarming with grockles and brats so I usually don't go anywhere in summer because I have a very low tolerance of morons and arrogant people who think they own the place because they have a holiday home here they visit for a couple of weeks a year. (Blood pressure rising just thinking about it). Don't even get me started on their driving! I turn into a bit of a hermit in summer to save my sanity!

4. Favourite makeup look for summer? 
I don't wear makeup. You're more likely to find horse fly repellent and horse slobber on my face!

5. Dresses or Skirts? 
Neither - Shorts, cropped trousers or jeans. If I'm in a dress, I'm going to a wedding or something.

6. Sandals or Ballet pumps? 
Tricky one... I usually wear trainers or riding boots and sometimes even wellies! I do own ballet pumps and deck shoes which I usually wear for work. I'm actually currently wearing sandals but it is rare because they are not practical when you have over half a ton of metal shod animals stomping around you! 

Inappropriate footwear for being around horses!
7. Do you prefer to wear your hair up or down for summer? 
My hair is always up... 24/7. I can't stand it flapping around my face and because it is so darned curly and fine, it gets in a massive knot so I keep it tied up all the time. I only usually wear it down if I'm going out somewhere where I have to make an effort!

8. Deep smoky eyes or bold lips? 
Neither because I don't wear makeup. Red, itchy, puffy eyes from hay fever are all the rage in summer though!

9. Favourite perfume for summer? 
Eau de equine fly repellent or eau de cheval! 
No perfumes for me unless I'm going out somewhere and even then I usually forget. I have Avon Scentini Plum Twist which is nice and light and doesn't linger too long. Overpowering perfumes make me feel sick. I also have some Fragonard perfumes which are lovely but I always forget to use them. I'll probably still have them in 20 years time!

10. Last but not least, favourite music for the summer?
I like most of what's on the radio. I love Pirate FM down here because they play such a huge selection of brilliant songs. 
It depends what mood I'm in really. I like a bit of Jack Johnson, Ben Howard (often seen in a nearby pub), Bruno Mars etc. My iPod is on shuffle all at the moment so I'm listening to all sorts!

If you want to take part in this tag, please do! It's been fun, although you now know that I'm a total antisocial pleb. I'm rubbish at being all girly and I'm all about practical!

Leave a link below if you do this tag!

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