Saturday, 30 August 2014

A lovely view

Stunning location to watch some aeroplanes!
I spent Friday and Saturday evenings in this field near Dartmouth. The first night looked like this:
A tad dreary but dry.
The Red Arrows were flying on Friday but due to the low cloud, they only did a short display.

On Saturday, it was a memorial flight to mark the Battle of Britain.
We saw a couple of Spitfires but sadly the Lancaster Bombers were unable to make it which was such a shame as they'd brought one over from Canada and it was going to be the first time 2 had been seen flying together since the war. The Spitfires were great though and make the most amazing noise as they roar down the valley and loop up and over our heads. Fantastic stuff!

This field we were in had a spectacular view and we're glad we heard about it! We'll be back next year!



  1. Love Dartmouth but more than that I love this last picture so very much!
    M x

  2. The doggies were so good and just sat watching the planes. We took them the first night as well. Next year we'll go earlier and take a picnic or something. Make sure you come with us! xx