Monday, 25 August 2014

Blog Hop

Last week I was nominated by the wonderful Michelle at Life Outside London to partake in the Blog Hop.
Basically, I answer a few questions and then nominate a couple of other lovelies to take part as well. It's a bit like the current Ice Bucket challenge but without the icy water.... Or something like that....
So.... To the questions! 

Why do I write?

I'm not really sure. I'm not even very good at it because I think faster than I can type so half the time it is just babble that makes no sense and could have been written by a small child!
I've been reading blogs for a few years and always thought no one would want to read about my life but then I thought... well... I like reading about other people's lives so hey... why not?!
Ever since I've owned Brown Horse, people have been telling me to make a diary of his antics so this sort of covers that as well...
I had a brain injury in 2010 (Thanks BH...) and I've never quite trusted my memory ever since so I hope to be able to look back on some of these posts and be reminded of the awesome times I've had and how lucky I've been.

What am I working on?
At the moment, I'm so busy at work, I'm struggling to do anything bloggy but the end of the wedding season is finally in sight and I will hopefully be able to do a bit more and find a nice design for my blog because the current design is pants.
I'm a total newb at all things blog and design so it will require much googling, time and patience.
Outside of work... I'm walking doggies, riding horses and usually combining these activities with seeing friends.

How does your blog differ from others of its genre?
Because who else lives my life? 
Just because it's probably classed as a lifestyle blog, everyone's lifestyles are different which makes it great that people can write about different things. No lifestyle blogs are going to be the same because we all lead very different lives and have different hobbies and interests. 

I will let it evolve and see where I end up. Hopefully I'll have more time in the winter so who knows what might end up on here. Come along for the ride and see where we end up because even I don't know!

How does my writing process work?
Thoughts in head.... type onto computer.... faff about putting photos onto it..... press publish....
I don't tend to plan anything because this blog has to fit in around my busy life so if I get time to write a post, all well and good and if I don't, then it doesn't matter.
I've got to go out and live my life in order to have something to write about and my life is crazy busy with loads of fun stuff (and plenty of boring stuff as well).
I use my phone to take most of my pictures so I often go back through all the recent photos I've taken to see what's worth telling you about.
Luckily I live in the most beautiful area so there's always lovely photos of views and usually some kind of animal antics.

For the next step along the Blog Hop, I am nominating the lovely Louisa from Duck in a Dress and the lovely Kim from Whimsical Mrs W.

I also tag anyone else who wants to take part.



  1. My nosy little face is pleased you did this!
    I especially like that there's no plan, you're running the rollercoaster of blogs here and it's bloody brilliant!
    M x

  2. I completely agree with question 3 - I love reading lifestyle blogs because everyone's life is so different (and I'm really nosy) :-) xx