Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy Owniversary Brown Horse

14th August 2008

Happy Owniversary BH....

You have tried my patience, cost me a fortune in vet bills, nearly cost me my life, driven me round the bend, given the best cuddles, been there through life's ups and downs, listened to all my problems, had me crying into your mane on several occasions, made me laugh, entertained everyone you've ever met, been a total Mumma's boy and the cuddliest, craziest, funniest, hairiest beast in the world.

I love you BH - you tit!

My little Brown Horse



  1. It helps that he's a looker too! Happy owniversary!

  2. haha, thanks! He gets away with so much because he's pretty!

  3. Happy owniversary to you both - did you make something marvellously horsey for BH??
    M x

  4. Erm... I made him his dinner like I do every night haha! Maybe I should try harder... xx