Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Local Lingo

At the weekend I went to a local vintage machinery rally with Mother and the dogs for a few hours. 

It's nice to go for a few hours to have a look round and it's a massive social event for all the old boys and farmers who can spend all day talking machinery and taking a trip down Memory Lane.

Whilst doing a circuit of the show ground, we came across On The Green Bus which is a lovely old Routemaster which has got a new job as a restaurant/bar that can be hired for events, weddings etc.

The menus were on chalk boards strung to the top deck and I noticed this sign:

I did have a giggle at the "Gert Lush Hot Choc" 

"Gert lush" means "very lovely" or words to that effect. You can say a "gert big" for great big.
Essentially, "Gert" means "great"

You've got to say it in your best Westcountry/farmer accent to get the right effect though!

Have a gert lush day!


PS - we found these gert bowls made from old records... how cool! We came home with Rod Stewart, Abba and West Side Story. 
What a great way to re-use old records and they should be a good talking point!


  1. Looks gert lush! You always find the best looking things to do at the weekend - can I come next time?
    M x

  2. I wish I'd have got one to try out! I had a nice cold cider instead though :-) x

  3. yes! bring the pooches for a nice day out! Their eyes might pop out of their heads at the sight of ducks and guinea pigs though! xx

  4. Definitely looks like a lovely day out - loving those bowls! :-) xx