Friday, 15 August 2014

National Fireworks Championships

We're lucky enough to have Plymouth fairly close by where they hold the National Fireworks Championships every year.

The stunning view over Plymouth Sound
Two nights with 3 companies competing each night. Each display is about 10 minutes long and shows off tens of thousands of pounds worth of fireworks.
It is free to go and watch and there is plenty of entertainment and a fairground on Plymouth Hoe.

The fireworks are launched from Mount Batten breakwater in Plymouth Sound so you can go anywhere and be able to get a great view.
We usually go to the cliffside opposite the Hoe as it is not quite as busy as the Hoe and we take our camping chairs and a picnic.

Living it up with friends and family
There are always a little flotilla of boats that anchor up in the Sound for a front row seat at the fireworks. I'd love to watch them from a boat one year!

Pretty Plymouth
If you are in or near Plymouth when the fireworks are on, definitely go. It's a great evening out (not so much if it's raining and you've got to wear a bin bag outfit!)



  1. Something else I've never done! Shall we get a boat next year??
    M x

  2. Yes! Let's charter a Princess Yacht - they'd definitely lend us one.... *ahem*
    but you should definitely come next year!

  3. I used to know someone who designed and ran firework displays and he was always raving about how wonderful the championships were - perhaps we need a bloggers seaside day out for the show next year? :-) xx