Friday, 8 August 2014

Street Feast

I've got to say a huge THANK YOU to Bess and Alice for blogging about their trip to the Street Feast.
If I hadn't read their blogs and drooled over my computer, I'd never have known about it.
The Street Feast is at a place called Dalston Yard which is not in central London so we got the Tube and the overground to Dalston Junction.
We definitely felt it was the sort of place the locals would go but not be heaving with tourists. Brilliant! Just what we love - getting to know the real London.

I think the Street Feast was probably the best bit of the whole weekend!
We arrived early - about 5.30 as we knew there was a £3 charge to get in after 7pm and we also wanted to make sure we could bag a table to sit at.

Dalston Yard is an old factory or warehouse which is missing bits of its roof. Some of the beams look warped as if it had perhaps burnt down or something. There are shipping containers with spray paint on and it looks like there could be a street dance battle (a la Step Up) at any moment!

The Street Feast is basically loads of different street food sellers of all varieties from lobster to pizza, burgers, Indian, Thai, Italian, Jamaican. You could find something to suit everyone and they are not always the same every week.
It runs every Friday and Saturday night throughout the summer.

We found a table and I set off in search of cider and to decide what I wanted to try first.

The first dish I got was from Yum Bun - Pork Belly with hoisin sauce and cucumber in a steamed hirata bun and another bun with chicken, tartare sauce, lettuce and chilli in it.
Soooo good! 

Yum Buns
Mother got a Thai burger, other Mummy got an Indian naan thing and S got a lobster sandwich. 
S hates butter and the lobster was served in brioche bread so she wouldn't eat it and went and got herself a pizza instead. 

Obviously with so many different foods on offer, we couldn't just have one thing!
I set off to see how big the Bleeker St Burgers were as I was already pretty full. On my way there I got distracted by Mama Wang's and ended up having some handmade noodles with chicken in a spicy peanut sauce. Delicious!
I did have to ask the lady how spicy was spicy and was reassured that it was an English person's acceptable level of spicy! Not too hot!

Making the noodles
Noodles with chicken and spicy peanut sauce
The mothers were eyeing up someone's drink so accosted this poor guy to find out what it was - a Mojito! So off they trotted to get cocktails.

Passionfruit cocktail and mojito
For dessert we had a Sorbitium ice cream. I had a scoop of banana and peanut (yummy) and a scoop of salted caramel which just tasted of burnt sugar so I'm not sure it was a good batch?!
Mother and other Mummy had lemon mascarpone and pine nuts and S had a red velvet cake from a different stall.

Banana and peanut and salted caramel ice cream
Lemon, mascarpone and pine nut ice cream
The stall holders were lovely, the service was great and there were a team of people collecting rubbish from the tables so an empty plate never sat around for more than a minute. 

We enjoyed soaking up the atmosphere and people watching on such a beautiful sunny summers evening.

What a perfect evening - we absolutely LOVED it and we will definitely go back again to sample more amazing goodies.


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  1. Street Feast is after my London time and I'm a bit gutted about it. ALL THE FOOD and cocktails too?? Maaaan!
    Glad you made the most of it :o)
    M x