Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Summer at the beach

Yes yes, I know.... I actually can't stand sand and hoardes of people on the beach, but this summer, I've spent many evenings down at a local beach.
Who'd have thought it eh?!
Rest assured, I wear my wellies so I don't have to get sandy feet.

Essential footwear.... Wellies!
During the summer, horses and dogs are not allowed on the local beaches so one day, I suggested this beach for a dog walk as it has terrible access so is not rammed with tourists, and dogs and horses are allowed on it all year round. Hooray! 

It is about 20 minutes from home but the doggies absolutely love it and spend their time galloping about at mach 3 and digging holes, paddling, swimming, playing with other doggies and basically having the time of their lives.

Spot the camouflage dog!
Monty doesn't ever want to come home so takes his time making sure he sniffs everything, says hello to everyone, walks in fairy steps and then gives you the dirtiest look for ruining his fun.

We go down here at least once a week and this week we've been about 4 times! Last night we even took a disposable BBQ and had a sunset dinner and the dogs even had their dinner al fresco!

Such farmers with our feed sack blankets!
I've taken Fern down here a couple of times this summer and had the most amazing rides. I have to park about 2 miles away though because there is no room for anything larger than a small car.

Summer fun on my horse
It is the mouth of an estuary so when the tide's in, you get about 10ft of sand so it is best to go at low tide when it's huge and the dogs/horses/humans can have a good run.

Beach fun!
We'll no doubt go back to our local beach when we're allowed but this has served us brilliantly this summer and we'll definitely still be regular visitors.



  1. What a gorgeous place to catch some sea air!

  2. haha. camouflage dog blends in with every background. So many times we wonder where he is and he's only 10ft away! x

  3. It's really quite spectacular. It's used for filming quite a lot as well. x

  4. Love, love, loved it down there! It was very like being on a film set and SO much blooming spaniel space!
    M x