Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tea with the Queen

Yep.... I had a cup of tea at Buckingham Palace at the weekend!

Sadly Her Maj wasn't at home but every summer she kindly opens up her home for all of us nosey bods to go and have a look round.

This year's theme was "A Royal Childhood" so there were all their toys and clothes on display.

As you can imagine, walking round Buckingham Palace is amazing! The actual Queen has walked the same corridors!

Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take any photos once you get past the airport security and baggage x-ray area but I have got a couple of pictures from the end of the tour in her garden.

You get given an audio guide to listen to as you go around so it is a fairly quiet tour because everyone is listening to all the information. There are staff every few metres and they are all English. Some have flags on their name badges which indicate which languages they speak.

The room with all their childhood toys and clothes in was fascinating. The boys used to wear dresses in the very olden days and they had some well loved toys. The Queen was gifted a wendy house by the people of Wales when she was a little girl so there is a proper thatched cottage in the grounds of  Windsor Castle with everything in child size including a washing machine, mangle and other furniture etc. 

There were their personal home videos being shown which was a really nice insight into the lives of the Royals when they're off duty. 

When we got outside, we had a cup of tea in the Cafe on the terrace. We refrained from the delicious looking cakes (£4.95 a slice!!) and just had teas and coffees.

We walked over to the shop and tried to be good. Luckily the prices in there put me off buying too much!!
I came away with a lovely bag, a wine cooler and a couple of postcards.

You then walk around the lake and back out into the real world.

I highly recommend doing the tour of Buckingham Palace. It is so beautiful.



  1. How lovely! I adore the chocolate crown on your coffee x

    Beccy :

  2. I can't believe I never did this when I lived there, looks really bloody interesting.
    I'm a bit of a royalist too, excuse for another trip to the big smoke.
    M x

  3. It's such a nice touch isn't it? Everything about the visit is amazing x

  4. Definitely plan a visit for next summer. I'm a total Royalist and you would absolutely LOVE it. Make sure you do the Street Feast as well :-) x