Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Vauxhall City Farm and Liberty of London

After our morning at Buckingham Palace, we had the afternoon free until we headed up north to the Street Feast.

We were staying in Vauxhall so we decided to pop over to Vauxhall City Farm and see what they did.
As we are from a farming area and my friend lives on a proper farm with many more acres and livestock than we have, we were interested to see what a city farm looked like.

It was free to get in and they had chickens, rabbits, goats, alpacas, a turkey, geese, sheep, guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, budgies, pigs and various others.
There were no ponies because they'd gone for their summer holidays. We were a little disappointed because we'd have loved to have seen the ponies.

The animals were in good condition and their pens were clean and tidy. It was a shame they didn't have bigger pens or much grass but they have done well with what they have in the middle of a city and the animals were happy with plenty of enrichment.

It's worth a visit if you're looking for something free to do instead of museums. We enjoyed it.

I'll upload some pictures soon but they're on my posh camera and not my phone so will have to wait til I get time!

We jumped on the tube over to Oxford Circus to try and find Liberty
Being total tourists, we had to stand on the side of the street looking on Google maps to find it and make sure we were going the right way up the street!
It was tucked just off Regent Street and it is a beautiful old building with loads of flowers and hanging baskets making it very colourful. It looks so full of character.

A side door into Liberty
Inside Liberty
Once we got to the jewellery department, we lost my friend and her mum - they were too busy checking out the bling!

I wanted to visit the chocolate shop to get a gift for my friends who had the dogs while we were away.
The selection of different flavours of chocolate was incredible. All sorts of weird and wonderful flavours! 
I wanted to get a jar of Thickest Human Snot from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies but settled for a selection of teas in cute tins.

Snot anyone?!

Bizarre display of crazy expensive shoes
Liberty is well worth a look round. We didn't stay for long so perhaps we'll go and have a proper look round another time. It's insanely expensive but the things it sells are very lovely.


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