Saturday, 30 August 2014

We're all going on a summer holiday...

You know you sang the title of this post!
So sorry to have put that Cliff Richard song in your head haha!

In a week's time, I am going on holiday! 
I am going to Barcelona with my mama, my cousin, her hubby and a couple of their pals.
I am crazy busy at work trying to get everything sorted so I can hand over to my colleague next week (who has been on holiday for 3 weeks which feels like forever when I'm getting her emails as well as my own!)

It's a week to go and I've barely thought about it. I've got so much to do this week and we've also got to make arrangements for horses, dogs, cats and sheep! Fun times...

Excited but also very stressed! 



  1. Happy almost holidays. Actually, I'm quite behind - are you on holiday now??
    M x

  2. I'm still in the Shire at the moment! Counting down til Saturday Afternoon when we head to London ready to fly out Sunday morning! Going to miss my ponies and puppies so much! xx