Thursday, 11 September 2014

Holiday time!

I'm currently in Barcelona on holiday!
I've had an amazing time so far and today is our last day unfortunately. I want to spend lots more time in this amazing city!
Today also happens to be a huge national holiday in Catalonia (this area of Spain)
It is the 300 year anniversary of a revolution and Catalonia want to be independent from Spain (ring any bells?? Scotland??)
They have just been refused a referendum so there could be big trouble but we're hoping/expecting it will be peaceful.
Last night there were flaming torches, drums, chanting, singing, dancing and so many people wearing the Catalan flag!

It was so exciting!
I'll hopefully be able to do a couple of posts when I get home with some pictures of our holiday.



  1. Oooh happy holidays, sounds like you're having a blast.
    Yes please to pictures :o)
    M x

  2. Eek have been hinting for the OH to take me to Barcelona for my b'day for yeearss - hasn't happened yet! Would love to see more of what you got up to :)