Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Late Summer Pub Ride

So last night, we stopped at the pub on our way home from our ride!

We've been saying all summer we should do this and have even checked out which pubs would be feasible to take horses to (there's only one within about 10 miles!) 

We'd imagined sitting in the sunshine sipping an ice cold cider with the horses standing lazily under a tree.

Reality... Sitting on benches in the car park whilst BH tries to drink S's cider and when she wouldn't let him, he resorted to trying to eat her boots and have a scratch, accost every passer by and be a total fidgety pain in the bum!

Fern on the other hand was a total doll as usual and stood nice and still, having a little snooze and swishing her tail. 

A man came over with his little girl to say hello so they stood and stroked Fern for a while and the little girl was asking millions of questions. Her father looked a little worried that she might get into horses and end up costing him a fortune!

The ride home was a little fizzy because we'd had to drink our cider quicker than we'd have liked to but it was great fun and we're already planning the next one. A pub further away and we might even attempt some food as well as a drink!


1 comment:

  1. Ha, and I thought wrestling dogs in a pub was hard enough!
    Such a nice idea, although one pub in ten miles that's doable? That's bonkers.
    And horses really do snooze upright! I never believed it.
    M x