Saturday, 13 September 2014

Taking Stock

So until I get 5 seconds to sit down and write something for you... here's a little post that does the rounds every now and again!

Making : lovely mugs of tea to warm me up on an Autumnal day!
Cooking : I think I might cook a casserole for a change... maybe sausage casserole.
Drinking : Cider! Cornish Rattler to be precise...
Reading: Tales from the Tail End. I've sniggered a few times!
Wanting: to be able to stay in Barcelona longer!
Looking: At the photos from Barcelona
Playing: with the doggies now they're home from their holidays as well
Deciding: what to write for this...
Wishing: I could win the lottery!
Enjoying: being home with all my animals again
Waiting: for the doggies to do their night time wee so we can all go to bed!
Liking: The new Maroon 5 album
Wondering: Where I'm going to stay next weekend when I go to Northampton!
Loving: Galloping on my horse in the stubble fields. Bliss!
Pondering: not sure....
Considering: going to bed in a minute!
Watching: I need to catch up with GBBO and Paul O'Grady.
Hoping: The poorly sheep survives the night and gets better.
Marvelling: at the amazing city of Barcelona! (is there a theme running through this post?)
Needing: a new car.
Smelling: a little horsey and sweaty... a normal scent for me of a weekend!
Wearing: Breeches and a dirty t-shirt and clean jumper...
Following: lovely bloggy people.
Noticing: that my poor blog has suffered in the last month due to work and life in general!
Knowing: it's nearly the end of wedding season!! 
Thinking: I need to re-design my blog and make it pretty.
Feeling: tired and not ready to go back to work just yet!
Admiring: My lovely friend Louise and all the things she crams into her life and still has time for her husband and daughter.
Sorting: my desk out. You can't see it at the moment.
Buying: Horse food - getting a bit low on pony nuts!
Getting: excited to see my Northampton friends Hannah and Louise next week and having a proper catch up!
Bookmarking: more blogs to read regularly.
Disliking: The prospect of tidying up my inbox next week when I go back to work!
Opening: mail that I only end up chucking in the bin anyway.
Giggling: at my animals and their crazy antics. Never a dull moment!
Feeling: quite content with my life for a moment. This post has made me realise it's not all bad!


  1. Love these type of posts!

  2. Me too! I love being a bit nosey so these type of posts are perfect!