Saturday, 18 October 2014

Being an internet sensation!

This week has been bizarrrrre!

On Sunday, my friend and I set off for a nice ride round one of the local villages.
To get there, we have to come out of our lane, ride down a short stretch of main road (about 300m) and into another lane.

I'll spare you the details but basically, as we went round the blind corner in single file with an estate car behind us, some complete cretin overtook from behind everyone and nearly hit the motorbikes that we had seen approaching us.

I wear a GoPro camera on my riding hat and got it all on video!
When I got home, I watched it several times on the computer and then posted it to my local police Facebook page and asked whether they thought it would be worth reporting as it was a close call and definitely dangerous driving.

No one got hit, no one got hurt but it was a close call so I didn't know whether it would be worth reporting. The last time I reported a dangerous, abusive driver, they didn't do anything so I didn't want to waste their time if there was no need for it.

Luckily, a man who was driving the car behind the cretin commented and said he'd be happy to provide a statement if necessary and the Police said to report it to 101 and they'd investigate.

Aaaaanyway... the video went viral and it was mental!
Obviously, it got loads of comments from all sorts of people.... Quite a few horsey people defending us but sadly so many comments from people who don't want horses on the road - seriously... do they think we actually want to ride on dangerous roads? It's unfortunately a necessity.

It made me so angry that these people were being so abusive about horse riders. If the footage had come from a motorcyclist's helmet cam, they'd be up in arms!

The main arguments were:

You don't pay road tax - nope, no one does! You pay a tax on the harmful emissions your car produces. My horse does not produce harmful emissions therefore your argument is invalid.. NEXT!
Horses should just be ridden in fields - ok.. You can't just ride in any field because that's trespassing. I'll come and ride round your garden then shall I? It's also like saying you can never leave your house and you can only exercise by walking round your living room. How boring!
Why don't you stick to the bridleways? - where are these bridleways you speak of?! There are so few around and the ones that exist are usually very short and have loads of gates on them that need negotiating. We also have to use the roads to get to the bridleways and tracks so your point is invalid.
You don't pick up the poo - this is a major logistical issue and is just not feasible with a horse. Dog poo is dangerous to human health which is why it must be picked up. It is also more likely to be found on paths and in parks. Horse poo is just grass and is more likely to be found on the road where it disappears very quickly.
Why don't you stop and let the traffic go past? - because we were on the road for 3 minutes! It was not safe or convenient for us to stop or for cars to overtake so just be patient.
Horses don't have right of way - yes they do. It's in the highway code and they should be treated as you would any other vehicle.
I have a right to walk, ride or cycle on the public highway. To have a license to drive a car is a privilege, not a right.
The roads were made for cars - and what came before cars? The horse and cart? What is the power measurement of cars? Horsepower. Yep. The roads were made for horses and they have had to be covered in tarmac to protect them from cars.
Horsey people are arrogant, superior and stuck up - this is such an old fashioned view. Most horse owners give up so much just to keep their horses. I still live with my parents, drive a £300 car and work a near minimum wage full time job just to keep my horses fed and shod. I don't go out, I rarely drink because it's all so expensive when my horses need to be paid for! If I didn't have them, I could have my own house and all sorts! I'd rather have horses though :-)

I did have to sit on my hands and not bite back but it wasn't easy and there are some really nasty people out there. 
It amazes me how brave they are when they are hiding behind a screen. They would never say that sort of thing to your face.
It is soooo infuriating!!

The local police came to view the full footage and are going to speak to the driver of the car.
They also deleted the video due to the hundreds of abusive comments. It had just over 90,000 views when it was deleted!

I am so glad I wore my helmet camera and I will make sure I wear it on every ride now as I do quite often meet idiotic drivers.

Brown Horse's bottom is now an internet sensation! Hopefully it won't affect his already rather inflated ego hahaha!

Apologies for such a long ranting post. Can you tell it has wound me up slightly?!

As a little aside, I must commend the motorbike riders. They saw us coming and signalled to each other to slow down and they went past us slowly.
Every green laner I have ever met has been amazing. They slow right down and even usually stop and cut their engine until I'm well past them. Even a group of young lads stopped on the road for ages until we were well past them.
They really need a lot of credit as it is often motorbikes that get bad press for driving like idiots but these guys are fab and it is very much appreciated.


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