Monday, 20 October 2014

Epic road trip!

At the weekend, I travelled about 700 miles all round the country to go and see my Nan for her 80th Birthday.

I went with my Dad and it was a bit of a surprise that we were going so we had to go and stay with my aunt and uncle in Suffolk. 

We went up to Birmingham, across and down to their house and it took about 6 hours including a short break in the village pub where we used to live in Northamptonshire.

We then set off from my uncle's the following morning to drive another 1.5/2 hours to Basildon where my grandparents live.

We arrived and Grandad answered the door and informed us that Nanny was out shopping! 
We then sat around until she appeared laden with groceries and had time for a brief catch up with my other uncle and 2 youngest cousins before we had to get to the restaurant for lunch.

It was so lovely catching up with everyone. It's been nearly 2 years since I've seen my grandparents, about 3 years or more since I saw my cousins and one uncle and probably over 10 years since I've seen my aunt and other uncle, if not longer!

Sadly we couldn't stay long as we had an epic drive home via my other nan's house in south London to collect some furniture.

I seemed to spend most of my weekend sat on my bum in the car but it was worth it to see everyone though. That side of the family are a real laugh and so full of life, it's a shame we live so far from them all!

I was very glad to get home to my little doggies and the ponies though.

The next adventure is up to London in a couple of weeks to go and see the poppies at the Tower of London. Exciting!


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