Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy owniversary Fern! The story of how we met.

Our 4th owniversary was actually on the 3rd October. I did remember to tell all my pals and put it on my Faceache but I forgot to blog about it. 

Let me tell you how Fern and I met....

I met Fern by accident.

A friend of mine really wanted to go to a charity ride and as I have a trailer license, I am quite popular sometimes haha!
Unfortunately BH was lame and off games so I said I couldn't go.
She had just bought her horse from the local dealers so said she'd give them a ring and see if I could borrow one for the ride.

The dealers like to get horses out on fun rides to get experience under their belt so it was no problem for me to borrow one as long as I provided my own saddle and bridle and transport etc.
I popped over to the dealer's yard one afternoon to try one out. I took it round the block but it was so inexperienced, it was struggling to work out how many legs it should have had and which order they went in!
I asked if they had anything that was a dobbin and didn't do much at all so they drove me up to the top of the highest field and pointed to a little brown horse in the distance and said it didn't go faster than a trot so I agreed to collect her in the morning for the ride - I didn't even try her out!

We manhandled her into the trailer the next morning and set off for the ride.
The first time I sat on her was in an open field ready to set off on a fun ride. This could have gone sooo badly. Fun rides can send some horses a bit mental (*ahem* BH) but she was a doll!
We had a lovely ride and she stopped when asked and steered! What a novelty compared to BH! I definitely fell for her even though she was a funny little thing that was totally shut down mentally and didn't show any character.

after the fun ride
I was so sad having to take her back to the dealers who are nice people, but didn't give her the time of day. Just said "tie it there" and when I said I thought she was sweet, they said "well, it's for sale!" hmmmm...
They planted the seed!

I couldn't stop thinking about her but I had a poorly BH who was costing a fortune in vet bills and a very old pony so really didn't need another one!

I knew Fern had done a stint in a riding school in Somerset so I contacted a friend who worked there to ask her about Fern and how long they'd had her etc. They said she was a lovely little horse but she wasn't enjoying the riding school so it made me want her even more!

3 days later, I had a call at work from my friend's partner saying the dealers had called and said they had someone interested in her but if I wanted her, I could have first dibs....
I made an offer and agreed to buy her... Cripes!! What was I thinking?!?!

As I drove to the dealer's yard that evening, I rang mum and just said "erm... I've bought that horse and I'm on my way to pay a deposit on it" Then I just held the phone away from my ear!!

They said I couldn't keep her at home so I had better find somewhere pronto to keep her!
Thankfully, my neighbours were between horses and said I could keep her there for 2 weeks while I was looking for a yard.

The dealers were brilliant and agreed I could pay in installments for Fern so I paid over 3 months.
I also found out a little about Fern in that she was imported from Romania and they use chains as headcollars and she would have been a cart horse and that they are not very well treated and are very much working animals.

she looked awful when I first got her
I turned up to pick her up and ride home and I had no idea which one I had bought! I'd only sat on her for a couple of hours so I didn't know her very well at all. Luckily they had left her separate to the others so I tacked up and rode home.

On the way home, she was such an idiot and refused to go over any white lines on the roads... I did wonder what the hell I'd let myself in for!!

After 2 weeks at my neighbour's house, I hadn't found anywhere to keep her so she was allowed home and she transformed my very old pony into a wild thing who thought that being 20 years older than her was no problem!

She has been a total diamond and I love her so very much. I was so lucky to have found her.

She has come out of her shell a bit more now but can still be quite a closed book sometimes. Affection is only on her terms and basically I'm just her minion.

so beautiful...
She loves to gallop as fast as she can and she really loves hunting. I love to see her really enjoying herself and being free. She's a funny little thing bless her.

She thinks everything is going to kill her including her own shadow when it follows her along the hedge! She's a lovely solid ride, I trust her and we always have fun. She's not very brave when it comes to jumping which is challenging but we still have fun and enjoy ourselves. She makes me laugh when she gets all bolshy and thinks she knows best and she even makes me chuckle on the very rare occasion she gets so excited to be out hunting, she puts in a sort of bunny hop/buck.

She's a little diamond and everyone loves her.
I can't wait to spend many more happy years with her.


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