Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stevie Wonder strikes again...

It's got to that time again.... Fern needs clipping!

We went out hunting for the first time this season on Saturday and although she was only clipped about 3 weeks ago, she's gone all fluffy again and got rather hot and sweaty whilst we were thundering across the moors.

I want to go out hunting again this weekend which means that I have to clip her after work during the week when there is failing light...

I decided to make a start on Monday evening and just do what I could then finish and tidy her up on other evenings.

I got carried away and did most of her straight away. Unfortunately I was doing it by the light of my headtorch and not very good overhead yard lighting which makes it very difficult to see where the lines need to be!

Who knows what it looks like! I've not seen it in proper daylight yet!
The lightning bolts on her bottom went ok... I hope! and I didn't attempt to clip her head or her nooks and crannies as these will need some care!

I thought I'd finish her head while she was in the yard on Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, someone nearby was obviously throwing metal about and the clanging noises were making her very nervous and she was leaping about somewhat!
Her nooks and crannies between her legs still need doing but they are less noticeable than the rest of her!

Clipping horses in the dark is not recommended and I fully expect to find that my horse looks like Stevie Wonder has attempted to clip her whilst under the influence of alcohol!

Saturday morning will reveal all! Let's hope it looks better than I'm expecting it to!

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