Thursday, 2 October 2014

Visiting an Olympian!

I am so excited!
Tomorrow I am going to visit a double Olympic gold champion!!

I have been invited to a group yard visit to Carl Hester's yard in Gloucestershire.
His yard also houses the legendary Valegro - double gold medal winning horse!

Carl represented Team GB in London 2012 and was part of the gold medal winning dressage team along with Charlotte Dujardin who rides Valegro. Charlotte and Valegro won individual and team gold.

Team GB had never won an Olympic medal for dressage ever, but in 2012 we got not one, but 2 gold medals! 

I'm not hugely into dressage but oh my... I so nearly cried watching Charlotte and Valegro do their freestyle at the Olympics. The music was very patriotic and that horse is just amazing. 

Watch their gold medal winning freestyle test here.

I have charged my camera battery and will be making sure there is enough space on my phone for a few pics as well.

eeeeeeeep! So excited!!


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  1. Good lord, that dressage test! Goosebumps. Goosebumps like the day i first watched it!