Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Cut off...

Mother and I took the dogs to the beach on Sunday for a nice walk. 

There were too many people down there, it was hellish - just like summer! Gah! I do hate that!
It was a drag getting down there due to the number of cars coming in the opposite direction and when we got down there, the car park was full! 
It was a Sunday and the weather was quite nice but still... bad choice for Mother and I who hate busy places!

We got onto the beach and it seemed that most of the people were in the sea (crazy fools!) and it wasn't too crowded on the beach luckily.
The dogs ran around like crazy things and we played a bit of ball.

Over the summer, a sort of sand bar/island has been created on the beach between the main beach and the sea. It's been made by the movement of the water, not man made or anything. 

At one end, I could see the surfers wading through the channel about waist height to get to the main surf. At the other end of the island, there was no water, just sand so we walked over onto this sand bar/island. 

On the mini island, near the bigger island!
As we were walking along towards the deeper end, the dogs were playing in the surf and the little waves were trickling in. One wave came in and it seemed to come in a good 2 metres further than the previous one which I thought was really strange and we could see all the air bubbling out of the sand.
I just happened to look back to the other end of the island where we had joined it to see no sand... just water.. and a lady wading back to the main beach trying not to let the water over the top of her wellies!
Crap! Seriously... Sh*t!

We quick marched/jogged back to where we had joined the island where we knew it was shallow and started wading back to the main beach which was a bloody long way away.. or so it seemed!
I took my phone out of my pocket and held it thinking how people fall over with drinks in their hand and don't spill their drinks - if I stack it, hopefully I won't get my phone wet!
The dogs has to swim and the water was over our wellies about knee deep... all in the space of 5 minutes!

Dixie hates water so having to swim was the most hellish ordeal for her... She swam over to me and nearly tripped me over as she wanted picking up but I was just thinking "save yourself, dog!" hahaha!
Don't worry, she was perfectly safe and she's just a wimp. I wouldn't have let anything happen to her. 
Monty of course, just got on with it and swam back to shore.

Once we were back on the mainland (!!) there was a lot of relief and the dogs went charging off to dry off and warm up. 
Some people had seen us wading back and said they were worried they might have had to come and rescue us!

We emptied our boots out and squelched back along the beach trying to get our heart rates and adrenaline under control again.

I'm sure it wouldn't bother most people but I'm not a fan of the sea really, it's very powerful and very scary... as was proven on Sunday!


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