Monday, 24 November 2014

Doggy Fat Fighters!

Poor little Monty is on a diet.
He is not happy about this and it is so hard when he stares at you through the furry fringe with those lovely brown eyes like we've totally betrayed him.

We have increasingly been receiving comments on how fat he is but we didn't think he was that fat. He's fit as a fiddle and doesn't always eat his food and he doesn't get many treats. They get plenty of walks and nothing has changed in his routine.
It is since he was given the snip earlier this year and it is a well known side effect that they tend to get a little erm... portlier!

We have been having a "guess the weight of Monty" with people who come round.
My vet nurse friend got closest. she guessed 11.5kg and he was 11.4kg when I weighed him last week.
We want him to be around the 9-10 kilo mark so we've got a little way to go!

That makes 2 of us on a diet then! Maybe Monty and I will have to have our weekly weigh in on the same day!


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