Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Life Lately

Well I've been ticking along, busy as ever.
Nothing much happens but a few things are worth mentioning....

  • We have booked our horsey camp again! So excited for August 2015! It is nearly a whole year away so we are having to control ourselves but we do get very excited every time we think about it!!

  • I am doing a photography course with a local camera club. It is so difficult not using the "auto" settings on my DSLR! I have got a few good pics though and I'm experimenting with all the different settings.

  • Learning to use Photoshop Elements - I can now change the size of an image! Go me!
Reflection in a puddle on Dartmoor
  • Visit to London to the Tower of London - beautiful poppies and super sparkly crown jewels! Up and back to London in a day from Devon is very tiring though!
Amazing poppies
  • Catching up with a friend I haven't seen for months. She cracks me up and we had a lovely walk followed by the biggest cream tea in the most lovely hotel.

  • My friend's 30th Birthday party - planning what to do for mine next year.

  • Hallowe'en at our neighbour's house. The dogs got dressed up and came with us!
Yeah.... She hated it!
  • Hunting! I have subscribed to a local hunt for this season and must make sure I get out a bit more to make the most of my membership.
Hunting on the moor
Dartmoor is the most stunning and beautiful place. I rarely ride up there so it is amazing to be able to ride there. I wouldn't want to be up there on a miserable day though. I imagine it is very scary then!

Barren landscape!
  • Work has gone nice and quiet now so I can finally catch up and get ready for next wedding season! I am ploughing through the big pile of documents on my desk!

  • My friend has just taken over tenancy of some land for her horse. She's bought a little pony called Paddy to keep Zak company and he's super cute!

I had the tour of the "estate" and we were getting all excited and making plans!

  • BH's rider has given up which is such a shame as she got on so well with him and took a massive load off my shoulders.
I am on the search for a new rider for him to help pay the bills and keep him ridden and happy.
I can't sell him as Fern needs company and also... who'd have him?!

  • These awesome Disco Beads my friend got me. They have magical properties I'm sure!

Magical Disco Beads!

So what's new with you? 

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