Friday, 21 November 2014

Wintery Beach Walk

A couple of weeks ago, I finished work about an hour early and was able to make the most of the time by taking the doggies for a walk in daylight!

We headed down to our local beach which we haven't been able to go to since before the summer season.

The doggies were so excited and Monty was whining while I was driving across the car park. I wasn't l letting him out quick enough!!

We strolled onto the beach and Dixie went streaking off as fast as lightning and Monty just tried to keep up!

They had a lovely time racing about playing and chasing each other. Dixie got scared when a big greyhound decided he wanted to play too. She's fine as long as she wins. If she can't win then she gets scared and hates it. She came running over and hid behind my legs... What a wimp!

We walked along to the far end of the beach saying hello to the few other dog walkers that were enjoying the late afternoon sun in a break from the awful weather we've been having recently.

Monty managed to find someone's lost tennis ball so we had to have lots of games but it unfortunately meant I had to touch a wet soggy and most importantly sandy ball! I hate sand! Monty had a nice time though so it was ok.

We just enjoyed our stroll on the beach and the dogs had a great time and a really good run.

We got home just in time to feed the sheep and the horses while it was still light so my helpers erm... didn't really help but they came and got in the way as usual!

We will be looking forward to many more refreshing beach walks over the winter!


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